Ultimate  Destinations

An Insider’s Guide to Places and Events That Really Matter

   Don’t get caught in the superficial tourist traps within otherwise very special places.

   I provide comprehensive perspective, meaningful insights and seminal exposure to places usually known and frequented only by the cognoscenti. 
   Included are the very best experiences in a wide variety of truly magical, majestic, exhilarating, cathartic, intriguing, wondrous, iconic and inspiring environments and adventures, ranging from natural and cultural treasures to illuminating discoveries and memorable flights of fantasy.

   Among the many disparate venues are Sedona, Santa Fe, Taos, the charms of Savannah and Charlotte, Manhattan, the endless allure of the French Quarter of New Orleans, San Francisco, Las Vegas, the vineyards and wineries of Napa Valley, glorious Yosemite, mystical Big Sur, and the miraculous phenomenon of Burning Man — the experience of a lifetime for anyone.

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